I have spent a lot of time researching and testing products that would be beneficial to my clients, and I only retail products that I use myself. Most products are available to try in the salon but I only hold limited stock of certain products so place orders on a monthly basis. I strive to use and supply cruelty free products and almost all of my treatment products and retail, are now cruelty free.

Medi+ A cosmeceutical grade, professional only skincare range. I have undertaken advanced training to be able to prescribe these products for your home use following a consultation. You can read more about the range here Medi+

EVE TAYLOR: This is an aromatherapy based professional only, UK brand. These are amazing products that I have used in the salon and on my own skin. These products smell beautiful, have products suitable for everyone and although they can only be purchased from authorised salons, they are affordable. No animal testing, paraben free, no artificial colours fragrance or alcohols, no formaldehyde, petrochemicals or phthalates. I order these on a regular basis and avoid holding stock to ensure freshness.


BLINC COSMETICS: An incredible range of products which I love,Including the amazing Blinc Mascara, eyeliner pencils, pens and brow products. You can order your products via myself if I don't have them in stock. Blinc products are vegan, cruelty free and some are gluten free


SELF TANNING: Vani-T have many home use products such as Liquid Sun spray, Brazilian Bronze Mousse and the very popular Bronzing Custard. Again, I don't hold stock of these products but order in once a month. Vani-T also have a range of mineral make up which is just amazing! Vani-T products are also vegan, cruelty free, no mineral oils, no parabens, no petrol chemicals, no artificial fragrances and no harmful preservatives.


TAN ERASER & MAKE UP MITT: for easy removal of spray tan build up and make up


INGROWN HAIR TREATMENT: Aloe Clear is a roll on defence against ingrown hair, razor rash and skin irritation after hair removal.


AFTER INKED:  Vegan, cruelty free, lanolin and paraben free tattoo aftercare lotion.