Ciao Bella offers a brow treatment to suit all. From a simple, quick tidy up using hot wax to get rid of any stray hairs or fluff, to a full Billion Dollar treatment which includes brow design, tinting, shaping using wax, tweezers and threading techniques and finished with application of the BDB products which will leave your brows ready to hit the town!

The latest treatment using Henna to tint brows and lashes is also now available. Henna tints the skin and hair lasting longer than traditional tint. It contains no peroxide and actually promotes healthy hair growth.

New to Ciao Bella is the Epibrow 3D Feather touch hair stroke semi permanent tattoo treatment. This involves a thorough consultation where your brows will be tinted and shaped if necessary and an in depth discussion to determine how an Epibrow treatment would benefit you. The treatment itself is a semi permanent tattoo using fine hair strokes and results look natural, realistic and will last for 12-18 months at which time a top up would be required.

Brow Tidy – £8

Brow Tint Only – £10

Brow Tidy & Tint – £14

Brow Shaping – £16

‘Bella Brows’ Shape & Tint – £20

Henna Brows – £22

add Lash tint – +£8

Semi permanent Brows: Microbladed or Machine – from £250

9-12 month top up – £100

12-18 month top up – £125


Patch tests are required for tinting and SPMU.

Henna Brows