Microblading and SPMU

Epibrow 3D Feathertouch brows is a fabulous, semi permanent brow tattoo treatment. Also known as microblading, the procedure is performed with a hand held, disposable ‘micro blade’  and pigments to make hair stroke patterns in the skin. This is incredibly natural looking and has given many clients a new found confidence with their brows.

I also offer powder brows and a combination of powder brow with hair strokes for a more ‘made up’ look.

Aswell as brows, I am trained in Semi Permanent eyeliner/lash enhancement, which opens up the eye and darkens the natural lash line.  Semi Permanent Lip Blush gives a lovely natural ‘blush’ effect to the lips.

The treatments are carried out over two sessions (possibly 3 for lips) 6 weeks apart and then will require a colour boost around 12 months later.

A consultation and patch test is required for this treatment.

Epibrow 3D Hair Stroke Semi Permanent Brows – £250

Powder Brows – £250

Combi powder & hair stroke brows – £325

Lip Blush – £250

Eyeliner – £225  

9-12 month top up – £100

12-18 month top up – £135

ActFast & LMX prescription – £25 (enough product for two treatments)

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Please be assured that I am fully qualified, licensed and insured to carry out this treatment and use single use, disposable microblades or single use, disposable needles. I am also trained and insured in ActFast, a prescription only topical adrenaline which helps to reduce bleeding, swelling & improves colour retention. I only use prescribed numbing cream (LMX) on my clients, prescribed by a chemist, as this is the only safe & legal method in the UK.