Male waxing is a specialist treatment offered at Ciao Bella. Having identified it as something very few salons were offering in the local area, I did some advanced training with Kim Lawless to be able to offer my waxing skills to men as well as women. 

Waxing is the most effective method of temporary hair removal, removing the hair from the root. After being waxed, skin can remain hair free for weeks.

The hair that grows back will have a tapered end instead of a blunt end and will look and feel much softer. Men and women of all ages, backgrounds and professions get waxed.

Superior waxes and products are used from Kim Lawless and Outback Organics. Strip wax is used on legs, chests and backs, non-strip wax (Hot Wax/Hard wax) is used for facial waxing, underarms and intimate areas due to its gentle yet effective nature. Kims wax is cruelty free, and the Outback Organic products I use are cruelty free & vegan.



Brow Shape - £12.00

1 Facial area (brow defuzz, cheeks, ears, nostrils, back of neck) - £9.00

3 areas - £21.00

4 areas - £25.00

Brow Tint - £12.00

Lash tint - £18.00

Brow Shape & Tint - £20.00

Brow Shape, Tint & Lash Tint - £26.00


Underarms - £10.00

Hands only - £12.50

Forearms and hands - £20.00

Full arms and hands - £26.00


Feet only  - £10.00

Half leg including knees & feet - £20

Above or below knee only - £17

Back of thigh - £6.00

Full leg inc. feet - £26.00


Full Back inc shoulders - £25.00

Chest - £20.00

Stomach - £17.00

Small of back - £10.00

Chest and stomach - £30.00

Full Back, Shoulders, Chest and Stomach - £50.00


 No. 1: Speedo line - £15.00

No. 2: Butt crack only - £15.00

No. 3: Buttocks & crack - £20.00

No. 4: Sac & Triangle (shaped or removed) - £32.00

No. 5: Butt, Sac & Triangle (Hollywood) - £42.00

No.5 & Full Back - £60.00

Full Body Wax (includes ears, nostrils & brows if required) - £130.00

Please note: Waxing at Ciao Bella is strictly professional, and all of my clients are respectful. Any inappropriate requests or behaviour will not be tolerated.

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