Semi-Permanent Lash Extensions

Only the best products and superior adhesive are used in these treatments. Weightless & natural looking, synthetic lashes are applied individually to each suitable natural lash to lengthen & thicken.

Each eye has approximately 120 natural lashes at different stages of growth. On average you will naturally shed 10-20 lashes from each eye per week. An infill is needed every 2-4 weeks to keep your lashes looking their very best. With regular maintenance and good care, you can wear these lashes indefinitely with no damage to your natural lashes.

INFILLS:  During an infill your lashes will be cleansed, any loose or overgrown lashes will be removed and new extensions will be applied to each eye to fill up the lash line again. Mascara and eyeliner takes extra time to remove so will leave less time for lash application so to ensure you have as many lashes applied as possible within the time frames, please ensure your lashes are completely free from all makeup before arrival. There will be occasions when you can’t avoid arriving with make up on, in this case if time allows, the appointment time can be extended but will be charged for.

Sometimes your lashes may require a longer infill appointment than expected, this can be due to natural growth cycles, naturally oily skin/hair, or not following aftercare instructions. Please advise in advance if you require a longer appointment than scheduled and I will accommodate this whenever possible.

  • Corner flicks or half set up to 40 classic lashes per eye (1 hour) – £30.00
  • Full set Classic lashes – ( 2 hours)  – £65.00
  • 2 Week Infill – up to 30 lashes per eye – 1 hour – £25
  • 3 week Infill – up to 45 lashes per eye – 1 hour 15 minutes – £31

If more time is required for an infill, it will be charged at £25 per hour.

  • Full set Russian Volume (2-6D) lashes (3-3.5 hours) – £90
  • 3 Week infill (1.5 hours) – £40

All lash treatments require a patch test at least 24 hours in advance

  • Removal (20 minutes) – £17.00 (free of charge if lashes were applied at Ciao Bella)


3/4D Russian Volume