Permanent Make Up is becoming a more and more popular treatment that gives endless possibilities of having picture perfect brows, eyeliner and lips, without putting it on every morning. No mistakes, no smudges and no fading away half way through your day!

 I am qualified, insured and registered with Shropshire Council to carry out Permanent Make Up treatments here in my treatment room. I use a tattoo machine with single use needles, to create a variety of brow, lip and liner styles using different techniques and needle configurations. I am also trained in microblading, where I use a hand held, disposable tool and pigments to make hair stroke patterns in the skin. The Pigments I use, Goldneye, Tina Davies & Permablend are vegan, no animal testing The aftercare cream I provide and retail, After Inked is vegan and cruelty free.

Brows can be designed to be bold and defined, ombre style, soft and borderless, fluffy hairstrokes or a combination of powdered brow with strokes. You can leave with soft, fluffy brows or a strong, bold "make up" look. Whichever you choose, it will be bespoke to you as I design using your facial structure not a generic brow shape or hair stroke pattern.

Aswell as brows, I am trained in permanent eyeliner & lash enhancement, which really opens up the eye and darkens the natural lash line. Options range from a subtle lash enhancement, slightly thicker liner or a softly smudged liner, both with a subtle flick if required. A  lip blush gives a lovely natural ‘blush’ effect to the lips and helps to define the lip border without creating harsh outlines.

The treatments are carried out over 1 -2 sessions 6 weeks apart and then will require a colour boost around 12 - 18 months later. I book 2.5-3 hours for each session, however the actually tattooing is only around 30-60 minutes of this.

A consultation and patch test is required for this treatment.

Consultation – £40.00

The consultation includes a brow shape (if required) and patch test and a thorough discussion to identify your expectations and possible results. The cost of £40.00 is redeemable against the overall price if treatment goes ahead


  • Hairstrokes, Combi, Powder or Ombré  – £340.00
  • Colour Boost within 12 - 18 months – £150.00


  • Soft Lip Blush – £340.00
  • Colour Boost within 12 - 18 months – £150.00


  • Lash Enhancement/Fine Liner  – £305.00
  • Colour Boost within 12 - 18 months – £145.00

  • Medium Eyeliner - £340.00
  • Colour Boost within 12 - 18 months – £150.00

  • Top Liner only - deduct £30 from eyeliner price

For all SPMU treatment a colour boost in 4-6 weeks is included in the cost. Any further touch ups/alterations requested within 6 months will be at a cost of £100 per time.

If over 18 months since last treatment, the treatment will need to begin again and will be full price.

Patch test required for all lash treatments, tint, henna and semi permanent make up

Please be assured that I am fully qualified, licensed and insured to carry out this treatment and use single use, disposable microblades or single use, disposable needles. I regularly take refreshers in infection control, the safety of my clients is paramount.