Tattoo removal using Li-Ft Saline involves a high-salt solution being introduced to the skin using a tattoo needle. This creates the process of osmosis, drawing water up through the skin layers, and pulling pigment/ink particles up with it. The pigment becomes trapped in the scab that forms and when the scab falls off some of the pigment goes with it. Some of the released pigment particles may also be carried into the lymph system and carried out of the body.

It is a multi treatment process and the number of treatments will depend on several variables. These include the type and colour of the pigment/ink used, the depth and saturation of it in the skin, area of the body, how much pigment needs to be removed, how well aftercare is adhered to as well as a few other individual factors such as immune system, skin type etc. Also, the number of sessions needed will depend on whether you are aiming for complete removal (not always completely possible) or whether you only need the tattoo to be lightened enough to cover it. For complete removal it could take up to 10 sessions, for lightening to allow cover work to be done it  could be as little as 3-6 sessions, but again, this will depend on the factors mentioned above.

Any colour pigment/ink can be lightened/removed with this method, so this is ideal for most Permanent Makeup. It is also effective on white ink/pigment, plus green colours which if you were having laser removal, needs a specific laser to remove.

The skin must be left for a minimum 8 weeks to completely heal before repeat treatment can be done. Scabbing will last 5-14 days depending on where you’ve had the removal and personal factors such as immune system etc. The scab is an important part of this treatment and must be allowed to fall off naturally. Picking or forcing it off can disrupt the process and potentially cause scarring. We want it to last as long as possible so it does maximum work, but it’s worth considering any special events you may have coming up if you will have the area on show.

Emergency removal can be done within 24 - 48 hours of a tattoo being done, the sooner the better. This method is a soak only and doesn't require any needles. Beyond 48 hours a full 8 weeks healing must occur before the full Li-Ft treatment can be carried out.

Li-FT is made by Li Pigments in a state licensed and regulated manufacturing lab under sterile conditions, all Li products are independently tested for saftey. Li-FT is a non-acid, high concentrate, salt/saline based solution.

Prices are per session and refer to either a full set of brows, lipliner, eyeliner or body tattoo up to 7cm square.

Li-FT Lightening - £85.00

Emergency Li-FT removal, no needles required (within 24 hours of tattoo) - £65.00